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    March 24, 2015

    I was going to name this post ICE ICE BABY but I spared you. You’re welcome.

    Designed as a birthday surprise for our friend Melissa, we once again packed our bags to go and discover the martian surface of BjÓ§rk’s native land. And what a land it is! Populated by only 340,000 people who can all trace their ancestry to the first settlers, walking among its lava-formed trails gives us urbanites, and even countryside folks, instant literal perspective thanks to the distance between us and the horizon, which is either frozen or on fire. Unexpectedly romantic, I would recommend a week divided between Reykjavik and the middle of nowhere, where we found shelter in the imposing Ion Adventure Hotel.

    First landing in the capital city, we rested our bones at the 101 which is the perfect place to have your first morning shot of fish oil. Later on, we found an incredible dinner and intense wine list waiting for us at the Grillamarkadurinn before traveling an hour and a half to the aforementioned Ion where the bar is but a glass box overlooking the frozen dunes and where I bet lovemaking would be a worthy risk.

    We spent five days in this martian landscape, between dipping our bodies in the geothermal pools of the Blue Lagoon and hiking on the edge separating the European and American tectonic plates, and we intend to go back. In the meantime, enjoy this little souvenir I brought back…

    And some pictures…

    If it weren’t already apparent, we love to travel, perhaps even live to travel, we’ll see what’s what by the end… Before then, I hope to see you around a corner one day.

    January 29, 2015

    United by family brought together for a 15th wedding anniversary, we were lucky to tag along through the kind of scenery usually narrated by Jeremy Irons. Landing in Hoedspruit, South Africa, we traveled an hour by Jeep to find ourselves in Kruger National Park where we got a glimpse of what the world used to be, perhaps ought to be, mostly devoid of the madness of men. Mostly I say because, of course, man’s interference is everywhere you do not see another elephant, another lion, another leopard because they were taken not by their assigned foes but us, the ultimate predators. And so, as we glided through the bush, as inconspicuously as a diesel engine will allow, I found myself wishing we could find the strength NOT to aspire to exercise dominion but, rather, co-existence. An unreasonable wish to grant? For sure, for the entitlement we humans feel for this planet is ever-growing. But how about at least Respect, yes with a capital R, respect of our rental property here on earth, is that too much to ask?… Proper respect, that is my wish.

    And that is all, now enjoy the film! Full screen and headphones on will guarantee the if-I-were-there experience the kids love so much! Or check it out directly on Vimeo for a larger player.

    (in order of appearance)
    Diggs Duke – Lion’s Feast
    King Britt Presents Oba Funke – Bush Workout
    Gizmo – Elegua
    Philip Glass – Anima Mundi – The Beginning
    Jacob Collier – Close to You
    Anugama & Sebastiano – African Journey
    Oya – River
    Derrick Hodge – Doxology
    Toto – Africa (Of course!)

    Shot entirely with iPhone 6.
    Moment Lenses.
    Collapsible Tripod.
    Glif Tripod Mount.
    Zoom IQ5W Condenser mic.
    External Battery.

    And if that’s not enough, enjoy the photo album on the Flickr. See you out there!

    June 9, 2014

    So here it is, FIVE DAYS before pre-orders drop, the first taste of what I’ve been up to these last few months: a behind-the-scenes look at the “taping” of Let Me Introduce To You, the first track off The Pressure EP, inspired by The Considered Life (pre-orders for that one start on iBooks this saturday too!) Recorded at Gang Studios in Paris (the place where Daft Punk recorded Random Access Memories!!!) we spent three days speed-recording four tracks with a few of my best friends from a French childhood I thought might have forgotten about me but didn’t. They became incredible musicians and brought a few of their talented friends with them making for a reunion, musical and otherwise, of supreme proportions. During the session, as a lark, I asked my eleven year-old boy Zoel to write down some of his thoughts about music and I so loved what he did that I asked him to lay them down, slam poetry style, to see what would happen… He recorded his piece in silence in the booth, what you hear is his only take. And when we matched it to the music, it fit PERFECTLY, it was amazing!… What you see here is the reaction behind the board upon first hearing it played back with the track. He was blown away and so were we. I am such a proud papa.

    So, Let Me Introduce To You Stephane “Pit” Le Navelan on piano and Rhodes, Romain Joutard on drums, Jay Golden Jr. on bass, Adriano DD Ternorio on percussions, Thomas Gromaire on guitar, Geraldine Etingue and Felicia L’Hadji on vocals and featuring ZoTronic on Slam duty! ENJOY!

    May 26, 2014

    I’m not sure how I got pulled into “The Best of Christopher Hitchens” this weekend but damn if I won’t pull you in with me! Yes, I am in much agreement with the dearly missed departed but I envy most of all anyone with the capacity to retain such knowledge at their fingertips so as to appropriately fire them, at the right moment, hence propel understanding. Whether you agree with the man or not (and I do,) you must give him that.

    I will not attempt at this time to relay or discuss my agreement with the humanist thesis, there will be much time for that when The Considered Life drops into your iBookStore and Amazons on July 1st… Until then, a brilliant monday morning palate cleanser…

    part one:

    part two:

    part three:

    part four: